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        An international electronic refereed journal published twice yearly - ERA rank A

        ISSN: 1327-9556
        CURRENT ISSUE: Vol 22 No 2 October 2018

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        TEXT International Editorial Advisory Board & Referees

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        Special issues, Nos 1-53
        Back issues, 1997-2018

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        The 23rd Annual AAWP Conference
        Peripheral Visions
        28 - 30 November 2018
        Perth, Western Australia

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        AAWP Postgraduate Writers
        AAWP conference papers 2007-16

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        Text Special Issue Number 50
        Life narrative in troubled times
        Edited by Kate Douglas, Donna Lee Brien and Kylie Cardell

        Text Special Issue Number 51
        Climates of Change: Papers from the 2017 AAWP annual conference
        Edited by Patrick Allington, Piri Eddy and Melanie Pryor

        Text Special Issue Number 52
        Anticipatory Imaginaries
        Edited by Marcus Bussey, Lisa Chandler, Gary Crew and Rachel Robertson

        Text Special Issue Number 53
        Identity, politics and creative writing
        Edited by Natalie Kon-yu and Enza Gandolfo

        Paul Collis and Jen Crawford
        Six groundings for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island stories in the Creative Writing classroom: Part 2

        Michael Cawood Green
        Reflection and reflexivity: The archive and the creative process

        Maya Rasker
        A writer’s oscillations: The beginning as mediating space between origin and destination

        Ronnie Scott and Elizabeth MacFarlane
        Peculiar integrations: Adaptations, experimentations and authorships in The Long Weekend in Alice Springs

        Alayna Cole
        Smashing the heteropatriarchy: Representations of queerness in reimagined fairy tales

        Jessica Seymour
        ‘Abraca-F***-You!’: Gaming, podcasting and collaboration in The Adventure Zone

        Rachel Hennessy
        ‘The ability to see and the talent to speak’: The emergent writer and questions of voice and authority

        Poetry and Prose

        Jane Downing, Seize the Liar and Let the Strings Resound
        Luna Mrozik Gawler, Strata
        Dugald Williamson, Poems
        Amy T Matthews, Graduation
        Natalie Harman, Saṃsāra
        Jake Sandtner, July 24, 1974
        Christi Terry, My Exczema-gesis



        TEXT is published by the Australasian Association of Writing Progams
        email: text@
        General editor: Nigel Krauth
        Editors: Julienne van Loon & Ross Watkins
        Creative works editor: Anthony Lawrence
        Reviews editors: Pablo Muslera and Amelia Walker

        TEXT Special Issues editor: Dallas J Baker
        Asian Region and European editor: Dan Disney
        Digital writing editor: Jason Nelson

        ERA rank A; FoR code 1904; FoR name Performing Arts and Creative Writing
        Copyright of all work published in TEXT remains with the authors.
        For republication, contact the author direct and acknowledge TEXT.